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Invitation to dream

Hello everybody

In our modern world we are rediscovering magic. Thanks to the new technologies we can easily find what we are looking for, connect with people who share our interests on the other side of the world and discover what has been shrouded in mystery for ages. Today, the possibility of studying the arts of connecting with the invisible world lies at our fingertips, we are even spoilt for choice, with lots of different and systems and theories which contradict each other.

It can easily be found out, for anyone who cares to, that we can journey into different world with our souls, speak with different and magical beings, connect with other places and times to receive information from past, present and future, learn to shape the energies of our life which then manifest in our life as they prefer, transform ourselves as we prefer to better meet the challenges of our life.

These and more are the purviews of magic and those who study it, as of today. It is doubtless that the discipline of magic is a great door to arrive at giving the importance they deserve to all our inner experiences, to our emotional and mental life, recognizing that we can commune with the rest of the universe by any mean we might enjoy, especially imagination and dreams.

Yet, for me, it is not enough. I want a world where everyone knows the value of their own inner world. I want a world where everyone who likes to can contact the spirit realms as easily as drawing breath, because in truth the physical world and the spirit realms are one. I want to help people reconnecting to their old old friends that they had forgotten just because they couldn’t see them. I want to change how people perceive the world, that what each one of us believes in the depths of their being gets

recognized as true and important, no matter what other truth it might contradict. I believe all of this to be possible. In fact, I believe all this to be at hand, and I will stand for it in every occasion, in every moment and in every way I can. It may not be always. It may not be all the time. But I will keep on trying. I will keep that belief inside my heart at all times, and look through it whenever I can, so that I can help usher in the realization of what I believe in just by witnessing its reality within me.

And not only this. It is not only the moment for everybody who wants to begin discovering the endless possibilities of the universe, now it is the moment to begin dreaming of other realities. Now is the moment to begin imagining the things to come. I want a world where there is no difference between physical and nonphysical, where we can travel the whole universe and merge our life and body and world with anything in the whole universe, without the limitations that the physical form sets upon us

at the moment. I will dream this world and bring it into existence, and I would love to dream it with you.

If you want to help me, please dream. Please dream a world where everything you desire is already true, where all the beings of the universe are your friends, and you are friend to them all, where everything you live can manifest exactly as it is for you or better than you would have imagined, where there is no limit set by form and structure, and where each experience has exactly the importance you would like to give it.

Soon, we’ll meet there.

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