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The ogres, also called orks, are faeries of the animal kingdom, deeply connected to the whole ecosystem. They are great, powerful and free, and often they’ve been depicted as wild and even dangerous.
Ogres are great and bulky, often hairy with claws and fangs or tusks. They keep growing their whole lives, becoming huge when fully adult, and they change lifestyle completely as they grow.   The cubs live in an atmosphere of utter confidence and tranquillity, where the parents are never afraid for them, so they grow up fearing nothing and believing themselves the biggest and scariest of all. Ogre caring is very sweet and loving, so they are cuddled and taught everything they need to know. Ogres become independent at a very young age, gather in packs and begin to roam the countryside doing things their elders would consider rash or unwise, believing themselves invulnerable. During this time, they often test their skills and explore the world. When they become adults, they start traveling alone or with non ogre companions such as dragons, bringing their positive vibration where they believe is most needed, no matter the opposition or the difficulty. After a while, having become far bigger than humans, almost like giants, they often go to live in underground homes or caves, creating dwellings that sometimes are as big and as beautiful as castles. At this point, they often create families, and look after their land. Also, when they are adults, they sometimes gather in warbands and go together in dangerous territories like cities to help the energy flow. 
Ogres are very attuned to their ecosystem and to the balance of life, with an intuitive understanding of the life and the place of any animal in the ecosystem. They usually enjoy nature, and live very primitive and basic lives, spending most of their time observing, resting, cuddling, enjoying the sun or other natural phenomena, and hunting and eating. They love to eat, especially small animals that they manage to catch, and they love hunting, using every technique and every trick they know to catch their prey. An incredible amount of their time is dedicated to these activities, from putting traps to cooking stews, and if they get the opportunity, they also love to talk about it without end.
While they live like that, their energy flows along their whole ecosystem, reinvigorating and helping the animals of their land. When there is a blockage in this flow, they actively seek it out and face it directly, pouring into it more of their energy so that the obstacle can be overcome. Often to do this they happen to fight human energy, and scare us away from the animals, using our fear of what we cannot control against us. 
They even go inside cities to strengthen the energy of nature there, giving strength to the animals. When they do this, they fight the dense energy of the city, transforming it with their own. 
This is a true war for them, dangerous and hard, but they keep working to strengthen the energy of nature all around the world, in all places, even those where nature is weakest. They form true warbands for this purpose, going in raids from their strongholds in the wild, doing everything they can. 
Ogre energy is very strong, and might evoke fear in humans, because our society has historically gone against nature, trying to get it out of the way to obtain a place where we feel safe and in control, and the ogres' reaction has always been to try to stop us, often using our fear of the wild and unknown against us. They are very strong and tough, and like to test and enjoy their strength. This means that they play very rough for our standards, with playfights that closely resemble actual fights and challenges without holding back. They behave like this because they are utterly assured of their immortality, and don't fear anything. When we find ourselves with them, we'd do better to throw caution to the winds and join them in their fearlessness, to both earn their respect and enjoy our time with them. They are also very cuddly, and love phisical contact like pack animals. They can be incredibly gentle and caring when they see that the situation calls for it, especially with children or their cubs. 
Their society works very much like an extended family, or a clan, where everybody is loved and feels part of something, and where everybody does what they want. They do things communally, especially in raising the cubs, and going to war, everyone lends a hand. 
Their magic makes them bigger and stronger, like true predators, and gives them incredible senses, more acute than those of the animals, able to pierce illusions and camouflage. They are also able to shape shift into any animal they wish, and they know animal lives very well, with intuitive understanding. They also have an affinity for gear and equipment, from satchels to traps to knives, and like it very much, especially if it is magical. Often everything they own, from clothes to houses, will be rough and homemade, possibly leather or wool. They also love weapons and shields and other instruments of war, that they use to strengthen their energy and protect themselves when they go to war. 
They live in a world vibrationally different from the rest of Faerie, similar to the one the norse people called Jotunheim, where everything is great and wild, with huge boulders near huge roaring rivers, with vegetation covering everywhere, the essence of the wild lands, where the power of nature can be seen and felt and everything is bigger as a result.
Our relationship with them is very peculiar, because they represent everything we fear of nature, but behind what we see at first glance, they are natural parts of the world, good and necessary. In fact, they scare us away because they don't like the way we are treating the planet and are afraid we might end up destroying it. So they come to our cities and give energy to natural life here, in a true war, and although they don't actually die in it, staying in the heavy energy of our cities, facing constantly their fears for the world and their judgment of our way of life drains their energies little by little, tiring them out and threatening to reduce them to the state city animals currently live in, dirty and diseased. So if you're interested in helping the ogres, you can face any fear you might have of unatamed, wild nature, and make the effort to live your life as sostenibly and welcoming to all life as possible. This war against us, which basically consists of coming to our homes, where we don't want them, and rekindling there the energy of uncontrolled nature, which we fear, to help life survive even the incredible harsh conditions we have created, is the war depicted in fantasy lore, only they are not evil, and are defending nature from us. So it is very important to stop our part in this war, and begin to welcome nature in our lives and homes.
To connect to their energy, we can spend our time watching a documentary or following animals to study and understand them, and also actually hunting or pretending to be animals. In our daily lives, we often connect to their energies cooking and eating with pleasure, and generally behaving a bit wildly and beast like. Culturally, we have a very strong tabu against their energy, because it is so strong and wild, so sometimes their energy might appear in our lives as violence or loudness. When we go behind these manifestations to feel the energy underneath and connect to it, we're able to express it directly without filters, and to choose exactly how we prefer to express it. 


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