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We really love to explore Nature, walk along the high mountains; swim into the many colors of the Ocean; breath with the forest, feel the depth of the Vulcans and meet the elementals and all the others living spirits that make Nature alive and vibrant as we see and perceive. Many beings that live in Nature have lived there for centuries and have many stories to share with those who wants to listen. Many others may come from afar and give their special contribution only for that moment.


We offer this spiritual hike in the most beautiful places around the world: an intense expedition into the wild to perceive and meet the living spirits of Nature. To contact them we will use simple techniques of storytelling and meditation, as well dancing, singing, painting and chanelling, in order to let their and our own energies flow into an artistic expression.   

We love to discover new wonderful places so we invite you to contact us if you want a spiritual hike in your favourite natural place, to meet and waken the living spirits that are around there and that are probably calling you to do so, so the magic can be felt and shared more and more in our modern material world!

This autumn of 2019 we will mostly work in Rome, around old Etruria and in the sacred Italian woods.


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