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Dragons are incredible creatures who live on Earth, and are also present on other planets. They are alive, which means they exist physically, but not in our physical dimension, rather in higher more refined dimensions, still physical, but with different, lighter vibration than ours. They are great, powerful and wise, and very beautiful. Every dragon is different, and every part of them, their color, their breath, their size or the kind of scales, tail or wings, tells something about their personality, and of what they do. These things are very connected, because dragons are very powerful, very free, and they do exactly what they love to do. Every part of their being is a direct expression of their will, it is directly linked to their essence.

Dragons love to do very different things: there are messenger dragons, who love to travel through dimensions and can bring us news from the other realms, or even guide us through the worlds; dragon protectors who look at everything with unbreakable faith that it will turn out for good, so that it does; dragon moms who look after the young with love and care, protecting and teaching them all they know; elemental dragons who look after the land and manage the flow of energy in the leylines, also called dragon lines; healer dragons who shower people with wonderful healing energy, and many many more.

Now many dragons are coming from all over the universe to help us shift our vision of the world, and many are reawakening from slumber, making the Earth, the rivers and the sky alive again.

To work with dragons you don’t need to be aware of it, and often if you start to work with them consciously you will find that they have always been part of your life, in one way or another. It might have been a painting you loved, a game, a figurine or a book about them, or even a mental association, but if you are close to dragon energies, they have often been with you all your life. Any way in which you connect to dragons, even if you don’t believe in them, like the majority of people, or if you think you’re lazying out, makes you feel their energy, and helps their energy manifest in your life.

To actually encounter them, either in the astral plane, or in meditation, you can try calling them in a relaxed state and listen to who comes. Here is a meditation that you can use to contact directly the dragons you are close with: sit or lay in a relaxed position, and decide you are going to meet a dragon. Visualize a place where you believe dragons dwell, it can be a cave, a ruined castle, a glade, a waterfall or a river (for example, river dragons sometimes have wonderful castles in the depths of the currents).

Immagine it and take some moments for yourself to explore it, to feel it and to enjoy it. At a certain moment you might feel a presence, turn around to see who is it. If you don’t feel anybody, keep enjoying the place, and when you think it’s time, call the dragons to come to you and wait. You can also visualize yourself waiting, until something appears. When they appear, you can talk to them, listen to them, fly on them or anything you and they might want to do. Basically at this point the dragon takes over.



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