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There are many ways of finding your totem animal, and the only need is to really wish to meet them. It is said that every person may have up to 9 animal spirits as friends, guides and companions of lives. We believe each one of us has as many as they believe relevant, as many as they care about. We are in very important turning point for humanity to collaborate with all animal spirits to make this planet Earth healthy, shining and astonishingly beautiful!


The internet is fortunately full of informations about spirit animals and how to contact them, and since the only worry is getting good information, here are two wonderful sites we use for reference: and There you can read a lot of information and messages to  start your journey.

Here we offer online and live sessions to guide you in a personal meditation where you'll find out your totem animal. From the moment when you meet him, you'll be able to work and speak with him whenever you want.

If you like we will also be glad to make a personal portrait of your totem animal.


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