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We are Ruggero and Elena, two happy souls who love life and adventure.

As we consider ourself very normal people, and wizards at the same time, we believe that everyone may explore the word of magic very naturally, just by discovering his own creative and imaginary power.

We opened this website in order to share our experiences about magic and support people in awakening their consciousness toward the beauty of creating new, wonderful, realities, with joy and freedom. There are so many beings and souls waiting for you to look at them with trust, to look at yourself with peace, and to embrace together the path of magic!

Magic is the power of making everything more and more beautiful, pleasant, varied, joyful . . . magic is your power of love.

We started our professional journey as a Naturalist and a Medical Doctor, because when  young, we were fascinated by the miracles of Life, the Peace of Nature and the journey of discovering. During the journey we experienced meditation, martial arts, role-playing, astral journeys, samanic practices, natural and spontaneous healing, spells, and we met many beautiful beings in different planets and dimensions. All this experiences and many more are inside you too if you like, in order to awaken their reality in your life you just need to wish it and follow your soul's guidance. 


Nowadays we're traveling all around the word, connecting spirits and dimensions, integrating their lives into our own and planet Earth's consciousness. We love to open magic portals in beautiful natural places and to connect with people around the world that are working for the same purpose of making life more and more wonderful  in many different ways. It is the most grateful work that we can imagine.


We hope to share soon this wonderful journey with you. 


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