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The elves are an ancient people. They are the guardians of the woods, and they love and protect them caring for every little sprout until it becomes a great old tree. They are a very magical people, closely tied to the life in the woods, and their typical image is an expression of their nature. They live the beauty of nature, of the quiet and mysterious shadows, of the magical dark of the night, the hushed hues of sunsets and the inner power of the whole forest. They express all of this and everything else that can be found in the woods, and their society and way of life reflects it: they live as caretakers of plants and animals, communicating deeply with them, enjoying and celebrating the beauty and the sacredness of each small life, and working in the way they prefer to help protect the natural world. They live in their own dimension, called Alfheim, which is another material world not in our physical vibration, and is near our world in the forests. They have their own society, where everyone does what they prefer, and many are treesingers, warriors or sages, but there are kings, queens and nobility too. Most of what they do is tied to magic, and they often use a magical way of doing everything they need. Every one of their major occupation is aided by a particular kind of magic, such as their ability of creating magical objects with incredible skill and care, infusing them with spells, the ability their rangers have of vibrating over and aside to any other being in the room to become almost invisible, or asking for what they need to all the consciousnesses around them. Basically there is an elven way to do everything with magic, but the most used is singing songs of power, weaving all the energies of the place with their own to raise them and create a spell with the help of all the living beings they reach. In this way they take care of the plants, making them grow with songs, and also reach the deepest parts of the soul of those who listen, reawakening the love for the Earth and the memories of a time long past.

They have been closed for a long time, guarding the woods and the natural places from human invasion, without opening themselves to the outside, but in this period, with the great shift the Earth is making, they opened the gates of their kingdom and began working directly with humans, inviting us into their world, letting people enjoy their vibration in the woods. What is happening now is unprecedented and huge: everybody who’d like to, has a part to play in their coming back to our physical world, and the things to do are many, so if you think you’d even just like to work with them, please contact them and see what you can do.

There are many ways to connect with the energy of elves in our physical life, and many times we do it without noticing, without seeing the connection if we don’t believe they exist. One of the most obvious ways to live their energy is through contact with nature, especially when we feel like protecting it from humans as much as we can. If we feel drawn to the elves, we can explore the moments when we immersed ourselves in nature to feel if their energy was there. Another way to connect with the elves is through the cultivation of beauty. They are intensely beautiful, and everything they do is beautiful too. When we care for something and make it beautiful, especially ourselves, with our own style, bringing to the surface the beauty within, we can easily connect to the energy of the elves. The most obvious way to connect to their energies in our daily life is, of course, fantasy. We might watch a movie with elves, read a story, dress up a an elf or play one in a game, or anything which resembles that. If you have ever done any of those things, the elves might be close to you, and if you want, you can call them to be sure.

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