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Cleaning Spaces

We love to clean the energies of places using shamanic rituals and physical action for tidying up.

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Family Constellations

This is a way of calling your ancestors and guiding spirits to make new chioses together and let new energy flow into your DNA and consciusness, so that wounds and blocks may heal and solve peacefully, or you may receive good inspiration about a specific topic of your life.


Private Session

We are happy to convey galactic and cosmic energies into the topics of your choice, channeling and meditating together in one-to-one online sessions.


Water Remedies

Water Remedies contain water informed by the energy that plants, stones and animals offer to us for healing. They are very similar to essence remedies but do not require chemical procedures to be prepared.    


Nature Bathing

A walk into the wild to perceive and meet the living spirits of Nature. To contact them we will use simple techniques of storytelling and meditation, as well energy movement and intuitive singing.


Spirit Animal Guide

We'll guide you in a personal meditation where you'll find out your totem animal. From the moment that you meet him, you'll be able to work and speak with him whenever you want.

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Spiritual Journey

We'll travel together into the spiritual word to meet and connect with elementals, spirits and celestial pantheons.

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Energy Healing

We work with Vital Flows from all Dimensions and Directions to activate your own Healing and Psychic Energy into the bodies and the mind.

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