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We're very very pleased to share and co-create the Evolution of the Earth with all of you,  

dear brothers and sisters of the Universe.

During these last years we were guided to meet lots of people working in many fields for the Earth (r)evolution, and we became aware of our mission and highest excitement: to drive together this great awakening of Freedom and Consciousness.

It is our joy to share here different projects cooperated with beings and souls from all around the dimensions of the Universe, all of them united in the will of Love.

We are currently working in the fields of Free Energy and the Rainbow tribe vibration, for the evolution of the living species of the Earth and reappearance of beings like dragons, dinosaurs and faeries.

We are receiving messages from Violet Flame Line, especially through will-o'-the-wisps, that are gently and strongly supporting the revival of Magic on planet Earth. 

We collaborate with the Golden people (Lions, Gryphons, Teide, Silenoidi and more) that are working with the new Sun and Moon energies. 

Lizards, Einimis and other Space Friends are sharing with us their precious view point that make our perspective so much more rich and welcoming.

If you want to collaborate or to let us know your line of investigation/evolution, please write us here.

Thank you very much !

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