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The goblins are a people of fair folk who live in Faerie, and have lots of fun in any conceivable way. They are small and quick, intelligent and crafty, and very happy. Their appearance is a bit human-like, but with toad or lizard aspects thrown in, and they also might have spines.

They don’t have much in the way of society, nor complex lives, they’re very simple beings. They love to have fun, to live adventures and to do amazing stuff, and they spend most of their days playing and enjoy themselves in everything they do. For them, everything is a game, and they are determined to have as much fun as possible. They resemble little children in the way they see everything as awesome, and they love to discover and to try new experiences. Goblins also love goliardic fun, and dares: they are incredibly brave, way beyond the point of sanity. Not only are they capable of hurting themselves in a crazy stunt, because they dared too much, they will gladly and readily do it, and then laugh about it and say it was worth it. They also love to compete in a very sporting way, because they love a challenge and a dare, the more difficult the better. When they find someone as good or better than they are, they raise to the challenge and open themselves up in the new ways their friend is showing them. This is done with the utmost appreciation for the other and their ability, and with a lot of gratitude for allowing them to go beyond themselves, athough sometimes not without trying to cheat, because that's fun too.

Goblin’s magic is the magic of fun, the one that warps time and space, that creates things which didn’t exist before and especially transforms things into other, cooler things. They also use fun as a catalyst to do basically anything they put their minds to, because it’s fun! It’s the magic of enjoying yourself until a way to realize what you wanted appears from thin air. 

Goblins are often thought to be evil in our society, and that’s very far from the truth. On the other hand, they are not afraid to play rough and to poke our emotional wounds, because when they sense a blockage in the ennergy flow they put their energy directly there, to help move things and force a change, because being beings of the henge, where nature is recovering and puts out thorns to do it, they know that even conflict and pain help healing and growing.

Their behavior can be a bit dangerous if you are not familiar with them (that is to say, their behavior is rather dangerous, sometimes, and if you know them you learn when to say no, thanks, I’m not interested, or to protect yourself in another way): their way of having fun is at times reckless, and they don’t care if anybody, even them, gets hurt having fun. Also they love to play pranks, and they genuinely enjoy themselves, especially when their target gets mad, so it is best to not be a stuck up and accept their humor with a honest attempt to have fun in it (that, or closing the connection). On the other hand, they’re not evil, they do it safe in the knowledge that they're helping you,if in a way you don't like,  so breaking down in tears or accepting to consider the joke without anger or whininess should be enough to make them realize that that kind of help has been accepted and is no longer needed.

Connecting with goblin energies is very easy in our society: every time we are with our friends having fun playing a game, or laughing at stupid jokes, and especially playing pranks and making dares, they might be listening and laughing along. Also when we compete against someone with pleasure, remaining open and happy and without trying to make him lose but instead to find our limits and surpass them, we are also using goblinlike energy, so we might be in contact with them.

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