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Healing is what naturally happen when you open your consciousness to the flow of the regenerating energy that is always working inside your body. There are many different approaches to activate this kind of flow more, many of them use the flow of breathing (Buteiko; Shioya; Wim Hof and more), many others use the power of mind and intentions (Mindfulness, Dr. Shultz, Hado techniques and more) and there are as well lots of school that use mouvments (Yoga, Goshinken, Qi-Gong).  In this course we will practice the fundamental common principles of all these approaches and will study what does fit better for every one of the participants.

Physically speaking what happens when a part of the body gets healed is that damaged cells call the intervention of many  factors (cells, elements, bacterias and others) so their collaborative work creates a new structure a bit different from the original one.

Emotionally speaking as well we should be prepared to see something new blooming from the activation of our healing energy.

The Master Key for healing that our school offers is: letting Life energy flow in the direction of collaboration, integration and transformation. We may call this Key "Trust". We may describe this Key as the experience of being One with "something else", which we allow to change us toward a new "ourself". 

The basic course includes 4 lessons of approximately 3 hours each, can be enjoyed online or in a presidential manner:


1- Somatic Family Constellations (read more): you will learn a method to contact the energies of your ancestors and clean up with them the patterns / limits of the family tree. All the experiences of our ancestors lie in our DNA, so we use a somatic approach where the body and the "symptoms", the sensations, give us the keys to read all these information. By freeing the energy of your ancestors and integrating them into your consciousness, you can always feel their support in your life and you will be able to create what you want for yourself and your loved ones with easiness.

2 - Prepare water remedies: you will learn how to inform water with the vibration of plants, animals and stones that can work together in healing processes (read more).


3- Cleaning light bodies and DNA memories: the method we use takes inspiration from the shamanic tradition to clean the bonds with memories that make us feel heavier than we want to be. The technique is applied through physical exercises and energy movement related to Mother Earth and the Sky. For women we also propose  a specific cleaning cycle of the uterine memories that requires 4 consecutive nights of uterine herbal steam bath. (Read more about uterine bath

4. Practice personal healing way: we will deepen your personal healing method. Based on the experiences you had in the previous courses, your preferences and your abilities, we will study the creation of a personalized method that you can start with us and enrich with your next healing experiences.

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