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We love to clean and activate places (houses, workplaces, graves . . . ) with new, light, peaceful and transformative vibrations, so that the spirits that live there, may evolve in peace toward all the wonders of the spiritual realm. When the spirits of a place are happy and have a good relation with people around, the atmosphere completely changes, everything becomes cleaner even physically, and you can feel the place as a home, supporting and giving you inspirations. 


We do this service in collaboration with all the beings of light that work with us, and the ones that are at your side.

What we specifically do is going through all the layers of the Akashic records of the place, and fill them with new fresh energy, transforming all the memories with Gratitude and Grace. We do this witha   special cerimony, different for each place.

The process may require from few hours to some days, depending on the place. Especially old houses, sometimes need to be deeply cleaned up before activating new energies. We offer the complete service, by cleaning up both physically and energetically all the spaces. 

We use many of Marie Kondo's tips to help cleaning up, give her a look, she's awesome.

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