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The Magic Recipe is a tool to develop your own new, creative, emotion-filled and delicious dishes. I noticed that when I'm cooking, my energy flows into all of my physical and spiritual senses and guides me through waves of wishes that combine flavors, tastes and textures in a new recipe. I may also say, ingredients whisper their wishes into mines: "take a bit of my color", "add some flavor from me", "I'd love to give my texture to your recipe..." and so on, celebrating their qualities and joining the "ceremony".

If you like to try this magic way of cooking, you can either follow the suggestions below or book your Skype session with us. The session last about 1 hour and cost 50$.


To create your magic recipe the first time you can start by remembering your favorite dishes when you were a child . . . how did you feel eating them or looking at someone preparing them? Let that happiness flow into your senses and enjoy what comes to you . . . when you are satisfied with this experience let it go, take a gentle breath and be prepared to welcome all the new energies that want to join your Magic Recipe.

Close your eyes for a moment and call all the pleasure-loving spirits that want to join the recipe . . . you can find your own formula to do this . . . then take pen and paper and write down the 5 senses like this:

- Taste:

- Smell:

- Touch:

- Hear:

- Sight:

Beside each one of them write/draw everything that comes to your mind. When you are happy with what you wrote/drew, try to figure out one ingredient for every sense that fits with the idea you have. For example, if you wrote "red, round and soft" beside "Sight", the corresponding ingredient might be strawberry or tomato . . . when you have at least one ingredient for every sense, you just have to figure out the way to combine all of them in the new magic recipe. Do not hesitate to combine potatoes with tea, nor any other "strange" combination. It will be delicious . . . try :)!!




- Mayonnaise pancake with pumpkin flowers 

- Meant-iced oyster with lemon juice and pink pepper (Schinus molle)


- Cocunt-oil-fried toasts with red potatos purèe ginger and chilly 

- Banana-cake with peanut-cream, raisin and carrots




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