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There is a word of wonders and peace, where everybody is a horse, to feel the wind flowing into his hairs blowing, to run the earth into the rhythm of his gallop; be a horse is the natural shape there but no need for losing the flying behaviors, nor wildness enough to leave the magic stick, so we flight and create magic through our beautiful horn. We are the Unicorns, we love to exercise telepathy with all the more advanced societies and theocracies of the universe, that’s why we use to stand near a waterfall with our horn-antenna straight towards the emissions from others planets. Waterfall is of course a way to say: a place where the energy flows with strength and softness in the communicative patterns of universal acceptance, in order to record the variations of the frequencies, and make them available for our pleasure and understanding. We are scientists of Nature! That’s why we always are in peace and gratitude, because we know very well, and we love to know even better, the infinites variabilities of everything; it means we appreciate diversity and variety of balances between manifestations and we look for them everywhere, so it is our creative process. It is quite funny to us, when we look at labored people trying to understand if the truth is one or the other thing, or if something is good or bad, they seems like they would prefer to put every river in a pond. Anyhow we did collaborate a lot with human imagination and fantasy, in books and oral traditions, we appeared from time to time in your physical reality, to practice extral projection, and create realities together. We have been recognized as unicorns just in the tales and not in other fields as biology or chemistry, but our contribution is strong there too. We inspired cinematic and music and took advantage of every discovery of your species in the field of astronomy/astrology. Someone dedicated to us a constellation in your galaxy and from there we inspired people to discover/co-create stars systems and planets. Our nature is nor visible neither invisible, that’s why someone saw us and even took our horns with their hands and some others could not believe our shape. Ahahah, this is exactly what is funny about your dualistic view. We really appreciate this jokes. Still.

In this huge time of planet Earth ascension we offer our technology of light and rainbow to go through every process with extracorporeal sense and envelop physical and mental issues with flowiness and new science: so you can open your DNA through new be-liefs until be-lives will overcome your identification and dual mind … can you see it? Try to feel our excitement and try to look whatever process are you interested in transforming . . . try . . .

Do you feel us?  May feel yourself like riding a unicorn flying over the rainbow? And reaching a new brilliant star? Let’s new images come into your consciousness through our excitement and see, and feel, and paint, with your finger on air or with a pencil and colors, as you prefer . . . light symbols and codes will raise around your movements, around your aurea, and together we may paint completely new realities, very different views and doors! Magic doors are everywhere, and we are here to open them with youuU! Ride on our back and melt your energy with with us, into the wind of Faery, into the myths and archetypes, look at your life, your stories as they were tales, as they really are from here, look at your issues with this joy and see…do you really know something about yourself?? Uhuhuh what a pleasure to be (with) you then. If you want to meet us in dreaming life, do not hesitate, choose a star or the moon and go there flying with your dreams. If you need a trick you can try this: at full moon night close your eyes in front of the moon, and start to tell yourself the story of a certain person that seems you but in an other era, in another word, tell yourself the story of this guy with gentle whisper voice, till you fall dreaming . . . . . .


Thank you for listening and co-creating this version of us. We love u and support u with all our rainbows. 

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