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Family constellations are a wonderful tool that allow you to explore deeply all your familiar bonds and psychology. We use them with two different approaches: the somatic and the shamanic ways.


The somatic approach is especially effective in order to release any physical symtom. It is about listening to the symptom in depth, to its link with your ancestors, feeling their contribution and exploring their energies as the great support team they are for symptom resolution.  In fact in our DNA, we have all our ancestors' information, and we can access it through our body. Also the Morphogenetic Field is called to guide you to perceive and articulate feelings and sensations that mirror the family members that you contact. To constellate a physical symptom means that you allow yourself to heal it deeply, by letting all the emotions and thoughts related to it flow, from generations. This approach is particularly useful in any case of psychosomatic diseases but can be used in any other illness. 

With the shamanic approach all your ancestors will be contacted by us, and you will just assist the work, feeling what happens and participating as yourself, while in the somatic way you'll be interpreting all your ancestors too. In this case the work will be done in strict collaboration with our animal guiding spirits and extraterrestrial friends. This approach is particularly indicated for situations that you already know well and for which you have already worked with other approaches or with classical constellations.

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