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A channeling of weasels

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

We are the weasels, yes, the small ones who go everywhere without being seen. For us the world is a huge pace, we are small in a gigantic world, full of dangers and challenges, and we face it, every day, we face it without fear, because we know that who we are is enough, who we are is appropriate, we have everything we need. You humans can do it too. When you are in nature, when you are in your life, you can realize what you have and begin to use it, and enjoy it, and respect it, and honor it as much as possible. Because within each of us there are infinite lights, within us there are the most beautiful lights, the ones you desire the most, the most beautiful you can imagine, everything you desire. Explore yourselves, discover, live yourselves. Find the most beautiful vibrations, sensations, emotions, and act from that. From there, you’ll have everything you need, you’ll be able to be everything you want, because who you are is enough. What you are is all you need.

The universe is wonderful, incredible, everywhere you might look, bright and dull colors, eye catching life, a moving energy. Make this world, this universe also your own, begin to pay attention, to honor, to thank everything, to give importance to everything. When you give importance to things, things gain beauty, they gain meaning and depth, and magic. When you give importance to things, you find what you care about and what makes you happy, and then you can be happy. Don’t be afraid to stop and enjoy a view, a sensation, a tactile sensation or maybe a thought, give importance to everything, enjoy it, be happy about it. And then all your life will be being happy, and you’ll be able to encounter and find and discover and learn a lot of things, incredible things, that you wouldn’t have ever thought possible, ever, all through your ability, your essence, yourselves. You’ll be able to use all these things, all the things around you, that you see, to learn, to find a new face of yourselves, a new version, that you like, that you had forgotten.

Don’t hold back, move, do, express, jump, run, scream, do everything and more. When you do it, you are expressing yourselves, you are living yourselves , you are getting greater. And when you become greater, you can find new things, new doors leading to new places of yourselves you had never seen yet, and increasingly more they lead to what you love, to what you desire. it’s not difficult, it is very simple, it’ enough to do it with will, it’s enough to do it with desire, it is enough to do it with satisfaction. When you do it like that , everything goes well, everything becomes beautiful, everything becomes an adventure.

Thank you.

We are very proud to be with you and to be the smallest carnivorous mammals, we like this role very much. We hope to be able to create with you stronger, closer bonds. We hope we can be your friends more and enjoy life together. If you wish, call us in the whole world, the whole animal world is now at your disposal. All nature has aligned to the axis that brings to the maximum possible happiness for the whole Earth, yours too, ours too. All the bonds have been strengthened, all nature is awakening and is beginning to pull, to push towards the direction of happiness for everybody, the direction our planet desires, which is incredibly beautiful and extraordinary, unexpected and wonderful. Do not hesitate, do, create, strive, put your everything into it, and in the end be happy, because you gave everything you had. Look at things and say: “Oooohhh” and if something isn’t as you hoped, no matter, use it, use that too, transform it into something to learn from, which makes you stronger, because what it does is to make you stronger, even what we don’t like transforms us, changes us for the good , helps us. What we don’t like makes us stronger, closer to what we like.

We hope that for today it is enough, we can’t wait to talk with you again. See you soon

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