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Ayahusca - The Medicine and more magic healing

2019 start

ed in a phosphorescent-green planet Earth for us: Olho d’agua, an incredible place near San Paolo. There, a very happy family live in a slice of paradise with forests, lakes, shining crystals, fireflies, bees, stars and many invisibles friends that take care of them and of the land. “In this lake enormous hippopotamus live and jump up and down” explained us the little girl that live there with his family “why people can’t see them?” They will sweetie, very soon if they want, we’re here for that. We’re here to awaken magic into people’s life . . .

In Olho d’agua more families are building natural houses to live in peace and build altogether the beautiful life that they really want, wishing an even brighter future for their children. Can you immagine a world where playing is one of the most important activity (‘cause everybody knows that imagination creates reality)? Can you immagine a life where animals and humans live together caring ones to others with pleasure? (Whatever you can immagine it will be the future.) Probably there are many projects like Olho d’agua around the world!! With this one I can absolutely tell you that there is more than hope for the future of our planet. Olho d’agua has not philosophies neither specific belief systems, they just know how to flow with the universe and to give value to the most wonderful things they care about: nature, animals, traditions, innovations, food, children, friendship . . . . and they love to discover what the Universe brings back to them. My impression was that one important element to create the beautiful energy of such a place, was the wish to listen deeply, with great respect and passion, the energy and the stories from others. In fact from the beginning I had the wish of sharing everything I thought and felt, also I had the wish of telling about me and my life (a wish that I really get in touch with). Renata, the lady of the place, is a yoga teacher, psychologist, mum of three and a shaman, with a vast knowledge about motherhood, natural birth, famale rituals and power, caring and plants. So I had the chance of receiving two beautiful initiations: Hayauasca and Stemt Tent for the Uterus (vaporizaciones uterinas). I’d love to share them with you:

I believe that Nature follows the human wishes, and that if you ask to any plant to do something for you, she will do it. In fact good shamans need just few plants to heal and treat every condition. Ayahuasca is a drink made of two plants and of many people wishes. The two Ayahuasca’s physical ingredients are taken as representative of Yin and Yang energies, and people told me that no one of them have any effect if you drink them for separate. At the contrary “the spirit of Ayahuasca” is considered one of the most powerful medicine for shamanic work in many countries, they call them “The Medicine”, a spirit that bring you consciousness, experiences and many blessings, cleaning, revelations. As any other sacred plant, Ayauaska is taken in a ceremony, where people may get in touch with the depth of the experience. The Medicine that we received in Olho d’agua was prepared during months by conscious women: women that awaken their power of creating in Life. Apparently that is quite an extraordinary event, as usually men are the ones in charge of preparing the Medicine. Probably this is why I felt the Ayahuasca as a gentle flow of wisdom, enveloping me, exalting my sensations with infinte patience, and taking care of all my thoughts. I felt that healing energy as a source of rejuvenation. During all the ceremony that energy was patiently waiting around my light body, waiting for a space, a sign from me that allowed its power to fill and care me, in every place and time I might open. In a moment I visualized a cave filled with fresh air, there I breathed with great pleasure, like when you open a window in a house that you love a lot and that stayed closed for a long while. Uhhhhfff….very pleasent. This was my main experience after the first Ayahuasca glass, then I had just an half second one: sensations were a little bit more amplified and usual thoughts were not there anymore. Material things seemed little and slow, but the energy was very high. Then I get asleep in an homy dark and dreamt. The voices of my companions singing in the ceremony entered in my dreams, Renata’s song pumped trough my heart an energy that sprang images all around. I tried to understand them but I couldn’t at the moment. I needed a couple of days to get the message and it happened when I fully accepted the energy that came from the experience. So after one day feeling me sad and not fitting at all, I looked for a way of releasing the sadness and I started dancing and singing until I felt the message sang into my movements: I stroked my face, I embraced myself tenderly with some joyfully tears. . . . . . What was the message? A very good one: I really love myself, I was doing it all my life! Even that time, when I did not appreciate myself, even that other time. . . even and even . . . anytime, in all the experiences of my life, I was loving me all the time!

The other beautiful shamanic experience that I had in Olho d’ague was the steam tent for the uterus. I really would suggest every woman to try this practice of caring the uterus, an organ that is rarely well treated in western medicine and that is really the womb of humanity. This was the most gentle treatment I had ever give to my uterus. As surprising it may sound, if you seat up on a jar filled with hot water and plants and cover yourself with a blanket, a tiny wire of vapor reaches all the uterus walls with great pleasure. The uterus has a very refined sensitivity, it may feel the essence of the plants that you put on the boiled water, while relaxing the muscles. The pleasure of the experience is increased by the songs of the women around you. It is like receiving a ton of different mothering at the same time, sweetness, strength, delicacy, sacredness, tenderness … in the depth of your womanhood. Physically speaking this practice cleans the uterus and bring it the effects of the plants (you can use any plant as for any other organ: rosemary; calendula; chamomile . . .). After the ritual, that is good to repeat 4 nights in a row, be prepared to receive transformative dreams and suggestion from all your wisdom, your female ancestors and more.

Thanks Life & many blessings to All

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