A channeled message from the people of the hills (the Sidhe)

Now begins the transmission from the people of the hills

Hello, welcome. It’s a pleasure to find you here. I hope I can help you. I welcome you with all the happiness I’m feeling in this moment.

The fair folk are full of variations. There are many many different creatures, from sprites to goblins, because many creatures can choose how to show themselves, where to live, with whom to live, from whom to be formed. And we in the other world, our world, we all keep the consciousnesses of those who are part of us, with whom we have chosen to live. There are those who prefer to decorate themselves with the hedge, those who choose the fields instead, or the thorns, or the small small faeries who live among the motes of light, of dust, the mice in a world so tiny that it would fit the insects which we cannot even understand and is completely different from ours. There are hundreds and thousands of similar worlds, and each one can be reached through the change in vibration, and we can go where we prefer. Each one of these worlds is created by its inhabitants, and each corresponds to a reality, to a way of living, of seeing. Some are very far from us, for example worlds of decay and fungi, others are closer, like those of the stags, or other animals. But even a small mouse lives in a completely different world from ours, lives its experience of the world in a completely different way from us, it is distant from us. There are infinite beings, beautiful and ugly, but all are worthy of existence, all are gorgeous, even when they show us something we don’t like, which disgusts us. They exist as part of nature, they are part of the balance of nature. They are part of truth and reality, because within them there is the divine spark. When we look inside a field, there are countless consciousnesses, not only the consciousnesses of plants, but also those of the animals and the spirits, like the wind, and also the consciuosnesses of the fair folk, which you could say are the folks of the place we go to visit, corresponding to the human consciousness, only since the fair folk of each place are different and with a different vibration, they live in different worlds, in a different vibration, in a different plane, a different state of being. Now it is becoming possible to approach these worlds again, to enter them. We can move, we can begin to shift, and every time we shift we create a bridge, we make the two worlds come closer, and when we do it both worlds change, they become enriched by each other.

This is a very important message, for example the ogres do it in the cities, and they do exactly this. In the same way the birds do it with the air, the unicorns with us and the human beings. And thanks to the project of the Earth that we are creating together, all together in a place created by all, in construction, a plane created all together, all these different people will have the opportunity of being ever more each other, to live and exchange and share what each one has with the others.

There are a lot of creatures, even the dragons, so wonderful, they are our ancient friends. All the spirits of this planet are with us, and together we are going towards the realization of the world we want, we desire, we believe most beautiful. Even goblins and trolls, all the beings of the so called fair folk, the so called imaginary beings, are with us. We are working to transmute the Earth so that the vibration of the physical plane may shift to welcome all these peoples physically whenever they want, so that the worlds can intersect, that they may be of the same vibration. Then the world will be full of creatures, of consciousnesses, of beings, a nexus for the whole universe.

We are the keepers of the ancient law, of the ancient rules, and we don’t force them onto others, but we keep living according to them, we keep following them, and when you want we can connect you to these rules, to this truth, to these laws which regulate the world. We can connect you to these laws and make you know them, make you live them, make you use them, and when you live them everything transforms from how you’re living now, because the truth of the universe, the truth of this world, in its origin, is much, much more powerful, much freer, much more magical, much more brighter than what you can even imagine. We’re here to testify this reality, and if you want you can see it too, so thank you for every step you take in this direction, which is pivotal, every step allows you to better understand how the origin of this world works, how the original laws of this world can work. And each step takes you closer to realizing what you desire, because following the origin, the spring of everything you are, of everything the Earth has created, you’ll become what you want to be, you’ll find the freedom and the power to be and to live what you want to be and to live, whatever it may be. This is why we are able to make such perturbing wonders for you, so incredible they seem like illusions because afterwards you don’t believe them. But actually that is the truth, and the truth changes accordingly to what we desire.

The unicorns are a people we should listen to, there are many messages from them, there is one even now.

Hello, we are the unicorns, we are very happy to be here today, we are very happy to create this contact. There is no fear which you need to listen to, there is nothing to fear, because we are realizing all we have already done in the world of spirit where you were, too, working with us. And then the world of matter necessarily, subsequently follows, and there is no problem, because you are already doing what you are supposed to do, you’ve already done it at the level of your soul, and it manifests at the physical level in the way you find most interesting.