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The world is full of wonders. Around us, unseen, are spirits, dragons, angels, extraterrestrials and much more. They are friends and family, they are always at our side, we can feel their presence and learn to comunicate with them. There are countless worlds to discover, countless friends to meet. Close your eyes and look! 
Listen to the silence, it will tell you stories, it will open up like a flower parts of yourself that you didn't think real, listen to magic and energies and people and worlds. It is time to leave behind the walls of norm and live as you truly desire. Within us lies the door to everything we've always dreamed, turn the key, it is time to be free. 

Magic is the power of realizing everything you can immagine. It is one of the ways you can understand how much love and grace are just waiting for you in the Universe.

Can you imagine how many friends, brothers, masters, spirits of nature, "extraterrestrials", share your same wishes? You can feel it . . . if you ask to your soul's friends all around the Universe "I want to share my flame of love with all you. Please let's do it together" . . . what do you think will happen? 

Come to discover it with us!

Illustrated Jaguar

The time has come, planet Earth is integrating cosmic vibrations in order to open our lives toward all the others planets and stars.


The time has come, we're calling back the realm of magic, with ancients shapes and new. 

Dragons are reawakening, Fairies and Elves have always been here, Unicorns are weaving more vivid dreams, messages from Selkies are nurturing children with warm stories and we are welcoming as friends all the peoples that we didn't consider beautiful, like goblins, mantids, bats and many many more.


Every experience is a spark that brings you closer to the immense Light that every life essentially is. If you feel the call, if you wish to contribute with your gifts and with the energies that you still do not know about yourself and will find on the path, it is time to do it. If you resonates, you can contact us, physically or telepathically and in your meditations. 



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