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The wifi-man, Me and a part of our mission

There where quite more incredible people in that minuscules village called Moinho, I want just mention, to take care of them, the Wifi-man and his girlfriend and Me. I was walking along one of the 4 street of Moinho, it was early morning, and I was very very happy. My consciousness was expanding into the nature around and

I sang the sounds that swapped in and out through my breath. There were delicious fruit everywhere, including so many very high bananas that nobody would ever reach. In Moinho I had the sensation that some trees produce fruits just for their pleasure, like the super-high bananas (maybe 30 meters high). On a side a beautiful wood-house called my attention. The house had two floor and just 3 walls! There was air everywhere. Few days later Ruggero and I were invited there for a tea with Lara, the wifi-man’s girlfriend. She showed us the house from “inside”, really it seemed that there was no inside. Behind the oven there were fields and banana trees as far as the eye could see and the kitchen continued directly into the orchad. The living room was mostly in the open, so I sipped the tea in a very comfortable chair in the middle of the country, near by a big table that was the office. The office had an incredible and fascinating purpose: to build a free wifi net everywhere! Apparently there was no internet in Moinho before Lara’s boyfriend brought it there, that’s why people call him wifi-men. This young couple built the house together, by their own hands and they were researching for having free wifi for everybody. Is it possible? Of course it is, especially if adventurous and nice people as Lara and the wifi-man believe in it. For the moment they were simulating a system that is already working in Argentina, the project there it is called “Alter-mundi” and is a net of hundreds of people connected through just one central modem and many “nodes”, kind of antennas to amplify the net.

During this trip we’re meeting so many people that work in their specific mission with complete dedication and trust, a revolutionary mission that will help the whole humankind to grow in the direction of Love, to rise the planet Earth vibration till the next step of the evolution. I would like to call these people “The keepers”. The keepers often do not need any reason more than “I like to do that”, to do it. They have a strong sense of inner guidance, that overcomes social beliefs and most of the common judgments and sufferings, so they follow their path and the mission is there, in every thing they love. The more we travel the most I get that a part of our mission is exactly to get in touch with these people and “activate” our soul’s communication. It is not so easy to explain but, let’s say that you are an extraterrestrial from a very far galaxy, you come on Earth to bring a technology or a new music or a feeling, that does not exist yet. You are born and slowly take on the Earth vibration, with many rational thoughts and limitations, 90% of the people that you meet tell you “you have to do like this. We always did it like this”. Let’s say that you do not care about this 90% and keep on following your intuition and inner guidance. In this case, what would you like to meet along your path? Support from other planets? The magical beings that live somewhere on planet Earth? Your space friends and family? Revolutionary people like you? A part of our mission is to embody and transmit all these vibrations and more. We travel physically and spiritually putting in touch all these and more energies. It is incredibly beautiful, the most grateful work that I can imagine.

Me, was another of these people, we made many jokes with his name “Me and I” “Where is Me?” can immagine people’s faces…and so on . . . Me has a house in Moinho and works for seeds conservation. He collects wild seeds and when it is time he plants them where is necessary. Me is another kind of missionary soul, I would call them guardians. Very similarly to the Keepers, they keep on their path come what may, and they have a particular passion that by the chance is exactly what planet Earth needs in the moment they are doing it. Me is a seed guardian, it means a guardian of Life on Planet Earth. He gave us a full bag with many variety of local wild seeds. We met Me one day by chance and by chance we told him about our reforestation project (I’ll share with you this project soon, even if you can find a little intro here: ). Two day after he came at the place where we stayed with this big bag full of seeds “this is present for your project, thank you guys”. Thank you to you Me!! You’re awesome!!!

By the way another part of our mission is reforesting Planet Earth, we’ll start on February in Canary Island with the support of many many people.

After this long week in Moinho we went back to Brasilia. We traveled with a German guy that lived illegally for 3 years in Brazil. He was so calm and happy about his life and in one month he will have his third baby, so he will also become legal in Brazil. Crazy laws! He loved sacred music and hayausca and when he moved to Moinho his brother went with him to become a shaman. Very nice family. In Brasilia a wonderful house was waiting for us to rest a whole week, Anne Maia and Ana Carolina Maiaprepared it for us and during this same week they became respectively Ananda’s granma and mum! Wow! I was very happy to meet Ananda at her birth: you are very very welcome, blessings and gifts from all the universe!

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