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The dreaded tigerman (or jaguar man)!

hello everybody!

here is the blog of our school of magic, the place where we'll share everything we are up to, our latest researches and discoveries, and if you're interested and would like to try what you read about or just talk about it, give us a call or send a mail, we're very happy to do private sessions and help you find your unique magic (it is a school after all..).

as you might have seen in the brief previous posts, our first experiences began when we started this site. we were in Quito, Ecuador, a wonderful place, and we went often to the parque metropolitano, a huge place where the trees raise the vibration to the skies, and you can feel the pull of the heavens only looking at them. the rest of the city is invisible behind a wall of trees, and the air is crystal clear, pristine and pure, the energy is incredible. we meditated there more than once in the two week we stayed in Quito, and one time there was a wonderful full moon. it was dark, rather late, and quite cold; we went to the park to enjoy the view, and we found a silver moon shining bright over us, the only light in the sky, and our way was lit by the moonlight. we started following the path that led to the depths of the park, but soon we stopped, because we would go close to artificial lights, and Elena chose to stop to enjoy the sky. we sat on the path and while I was meditating, Elena just relaxed herself, and found herself more and more relaxed, and then felt like raising to a place full of peace. she was looking around and beginning to wish that all her life was this peaceful, when a sharply dressed man with the head of a feline appeared. he told her something, and from his head colored rays of energy beamed towards the universe.

when she told me, I was a bit surprised, mostly by how she told the story (she said something like: oh, there was a tiger man there, with rays getting out of its head. I was quite weirded out, like, what are you talking about?, and, was he a nice guy?, and all the normal questions you usually ask when your girlfriend makes an astral travel by your side without you noticing), and in the next days we discovered that it had been the jaguar spirit, the guardian spirit of Quito, that had come to speak to her, she had mistaken him for a tiger man because she thought that jaguars were black. in the information he had given her there was a new technique with crystals and other solid matter that she'll soon share here, which we used the next week to make a shaman ritual with crystals with our friend Oscar.

I hope you enjoyed the story, there are a lot of other things we want to share, but for now I think the most important is that magic can be unexpectedly found whenever we are open and just want to enjoy ourselves, without further motives. in those moments, we allow the universe to manifest what we like most, and we find the thing we wanted without having to look for it, like a gift at our door nicely wrapped and waiting for us to open it.

so, I hope you enjoy the blog and the site, we'll write again soon, possibly Elena will share firsthand what she learned from that experience, and of course if you would like to know something specific, do ask us, we'll be happy to write about it.

see you soon

have a nice day!

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