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Moinho and the Dragons

Have you ever met a dragon? I have more than once, but remembering them all, and giving them serious consideration, as facts and real experineces, was a process which bloomed in Moinho (Alto Paraiso, Brazil). Dragons are incredibly friendly and loyal to their nature of being wild, and there are many kind of dragons. Some love to support people in their wishes, others love to flow into the wind or between the waves, especially the ones of the rivers. Obviously there are dragons inside the depth of the crystalline lakes and on the top of the most majestic mountains. Space dragons love to bring messages between planets and dimensions, and to tell stories from other worlds, in order to connect people that live physically very far away from one another. There are tender big dragon-mums that love very much to take care of tens of eggs and teach everything they know to the little ones, and they usually know almost everything. Dragon-mums love to open their home to everybody, if you have the chance of being their guests, don’t miss it! Usually all dragons love to share their energy with others and to be really helpful, they live in eternity and do not fear anything . . . But how do I know all these things about dragons? I did not know that I knew, but at the right moment, during our magic course in Moinho, I did. In the course there was a kid that confirmed some of the informations that I had and Ruggero was explaining better many details and could add more kinds of dragons to the explanation. Obviously the course was not just about information, we evoked the dragons, at the beginning through a role-play game, and then directly, using to call them the energy that was created during the game (!playing a game releases the energy of fun and pleasure, so that people can connect with the unconscious information present within the soul, which is basically all the information of the entire universe). It was an incredible experience, we were near a beautiful river, so clean that people could drink his water, so gentle that people could swim his flow, his waves played for us the perfect music to dance with the energy . . . can you feel some of that energy? I think it is still on air. But this was just the beginning of the beginning. The same night at home I saw on FB an enchanted drawing of a dragon, from Gayatri Singh; while I was looking at him I felt a pleasant sensation of strength and excitement. So I contacted the artist asking if she wanted to share something of what she knew about dragons. She immediately accepted my request and answered: “with pleasure. Would you like to have a call tomorrow?” Of course I did! The lady was from India, she had a great spiritual vision, so clear that things became very vivid when she mentioned them. I was amazed by the details she saw about some spiritual friends that Ruggero and me just met once or just felt a bit, like the dragon-mum that always stays with our son. The Indian lady was working with many spiritual beings from many planets during the last 30 years, and she recently started to meet dragons too, they explained her how to activate places with their energies: may you tell us how to do it? - While she was explaining how to do it I was almost exploding of joy, feeling how beautiful the process was, how blessed I was to have the possibility of facilitate such a magic event for a place . . . “You should do it near the water, yes I think this is a message for you: do it near water”. In less than 3 hours we were in front of a majestic waterfall called “Archangel Waterfalls”. To reach the Archangel Waterfalls you have to cross a little forest and the river; climb some big stones and climb down with cords for a short descent. The walk was almost a dream, I felt most of myself out of the body, the arms completely relaxed in the rhythm of walking, I did not feel the legs and my chest was full of music. The music came from the crystals, the leaves, the water, the wind, everything I was looking at was singing. I had to stop more than once in order to collect stones that were calling me to tell their stories. Ruggero was traveling a lot too, while spaking light language he felt like he was transforming himself into his dragon-soul. He saw the underwater castle of the Dragon of the River and did a magic spell above it to bask in the energies that were awakening. Then a flight of dragons rose up in the air. When we arrived, the waterfall was incredibly powerful, we were 20 meters away from it and we still got completely wet.

The moment arrived. I sat down and closed my eyes. A vibrant sense of light filled my pleasure with trust and peace. I remembered to ask permission “please, let me share my flame of love with you all. Dear friends of this place, let me join you”. The vision was suddenly opened, far movements and sensations became very close to my inner senses. People slowly appeared. We started a soft chant, swinging and breathing out notes of the energy that we created together. Again I remember to ask “please let the new energy enter in the grid of this place” and a friend of mine appeared, a professional singer very close to the realm of magic, singing a very acute tone that made all the stones vibrate. Especially one stone, a big big quartz, resonated with this acute sound to the point that it broken his structure, and a kind of flower appeared from inside it. In that moment many more beings appeared, a dragon flew away from inside my friend, and cosmic rays filled the grid of the Earth through the quartz-flower. Then I lost any reference of space-time, the energy was too strong, and pushed me in a powerful flow. When I came back I got this message “People that will come here will be activated to trust and spread their deepest gifts. They will know how to show their beauty and the beauty of Life to humanity.” An incredible sense of gratitude filled my heart and I share it with you with this short resume of what happened at the Archangel Waterfalls.

We went back and before living the place we met the Guardian of the park, a Swiss guy that takes care of the place with incredible dedication. Almost nothing from him suggested that he was a human, yes the physical shape, and he spoke some common languages, but that was all. His life was there, to make sure that the place was preserved and he also studied a bio-magnetic method for healing, in case people needed to be healed. Unfortunately very few people went to him to receive such a treatment. He built everything he needed to live there by his hands: the house, the electric system, the water pipes, the garden. Everything he needed to be there. I was very touched by his gentle energy and told him about our work at the waterfall . . . the more I told him the more he opened his beautiful smile and at the end of my story he seemed radiant “I will go there tomorrow. Thank you so much for your work” - Oh, it was our immense pleasure - (I think he was a dragon too).

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